“Never Meet Your Heroes” Filming Locations

Kate Bishop, expert archer and martial artist, heads back to New York for Christmas and meets her mom's sketchy fiancee. Meanwhile, Clint Barton catches a musical with his kids.

Hawkeye episode “Never Meet Your Heroes” was filmed in Atlanta, New York, & Decatur in the United States of America.

The Fox Theatre as Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (interior)

Clint watches a performance of Rogers the Musical with his family but finds himself unable to sit through the whole thing.

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre as Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (exterior)

Clint emerges from the theatre and sits on the sidewalk soon to be joined by Lila and the rest of his children.

Palace Hotel as Palace Hotel (exterior)

Kate steps out of the party and makes eye contact with a dog with one eye and later Eleanor runs out in the confusion and tries to call Kate on the phone.

The St. Regis Atlanta as Palace Hotel (interior)

Kate talks to Armand III and learns that her mother and Jack are engaged. Later, she witnesses a contentious conversation between Eleanor and Armand and decides to follow him through the kitchen.