Hawkeye Filming Locations

Kate Bishop meets her hero and tries to get him home for the holidays.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hawkeye was filmed in Atlanta, New York, Decatur, Canton, & Stone Mountain in the United States of America and Toronto in Canada.

1033 Ridge Avenue Southwest

Fat Man Used Cars

Maya returns to the shop to find Ronin in the midst of killing everyone inside in episode 1x03 “Echoes”. Kazi finds Clint waiting in his truck with a request to end Maya's hunt for Ronin for both of their sakes in episode 1x04 “Partners, Am I Right?”. Clint pays Maya a visit dressed as Ronin and they fight before he reveals his face and information about who tipped him off about their operation in episode 1x05 “Ronin”.

The Jones Building

K•B Toys (interior)

Clint is taken to the hideout where the Tracksuit Mafia try to get information on Kate in episode 1x02 “Hide and Seek”. Maya shows herself to the two hostages and tries to get answers about Ronin in episode 1x03 “Echoes”.

Birkbeck Building

NYC Central Gym

Clint calls Laura while he is stashing the Ronin suit in a gym locker in episode 1x02 “Hide and Seek”. Clint talks to Laura about what he plans on doing before picking up the Ronin suit in episode 1x05 “Ronin”.

Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel (exterior)

Kate steps out of the party and makes eye contact with a dog with one eye and later Eleanor runs out in the confusion and tries to call Kate on the phone in episode 1x01 “Never Meet Your Heroes”.

Majestic Diner

Cranky Pete’s Deli

Kate shows Clint her ideas for his uniform and he tries to claim that he is no one's role model in episode 1x03 “Echoes”.

The St. Regis Atlanta

Palace Hotel (interior)

Kate talks to Armand III and learns that her mother and Jack are engaged. Later, she witnesses a contentious conversation between Eleanor and Armand and decides to follow him through the kitchen in episode 1x01 “Never Meet Your Heroes”.

Park Place Parking

Rosie's Christmas Trees

Clint swerves through a Christmas tree lot and Kate uses an arrow on Kazi's truck that pulls all the surrounding trees towards it in episode 1x03 “Echoes”.

171 Avenue C

Rooftop across from 3715 Godfrey Road

Clint gives Kate some advice on how to do the infiltration into the mystery apartment but is forced to stay behind and keep watch when she runs off to handle it herself in episode 1x04 “Partners, Am I Right?”.