Movies Filmed at Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal, 87 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

While colloquially known as Grand Central Station, this building has borne its current name since its construction in 1903 to replace the older Grand Central Depot. The train station houses 44 platforms, more than any other station in the world, all of which are below ground split into two levels. The most famous part of the station is the cavernous Main Concourse topped with an elaborate astronomical mural designed by architect Whitney Warren and artist Paul César Helleu.

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Person of Interest

Grand Central Station

Ulrich Kohl arrives in New York under an alias and evades the German agent in episode 1x08 “Foe”. Sarah Jennings attempts to get on a train but is intercepted by the police in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.

Subway Station

Reese lets Scott Powell call his wife from the subway platform in episode 1x13 “Root Cause”.

Subway Station

Carter and Reese escort handcuffed Alonso Quinn onto the subway in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Queens Plaza Station

Reese attempts to call Finch for help but his phone is destroyed by Quinn in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Subway Walkway

Shaw eliminates a group of criminals who are looking for Carter and Reese in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Margot vs. Lily

Grand Central Terminal

Lily gets recognized while meeting up with Margot to head to their parents' home for Christmas in episode 1x01 “Resolutions”.