“Flashpoint” Filming Locations

Barry is trying to live his life in the altered timeline but things slowly start to go wrong.

Series: The Flash Season 3, Episode 1
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The Flash episode "Flashpoint" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Norco Studios as News Broadcast

Barry and Iris see a broadcast about the battle between Kid Flash and The Rival while at Jitters.

Alley (south of Bute, west of Pender) as Kid Flash vs. The Rival

Barry runs up and sees Kid Flash chasing around The Rival.


Mill & Timber Sawmill as Warehouse

Barry keeps Eobard Thawne locked in an abandoned building in the alternate timeline.


2036 West 13th Avenue as Barry's Childhood Home

Barry arrives homes as his parents are leaving in the alternate timeline.


West Hastings Street (between Nicola & Broughton) as Date with Iris

Barry and Iris walk down the street and chat until they are interrupted by news about Kid Flash.


Mill & Timber Sawmill as Prescott Sawmill

The Flash and Kid Flash head to the sawmill where The Rival is hiding out and face off against him.