Movies Filmed at Norco Studios

7950 Enterprise St, Burnaby, BC V5A 1V7, Canada

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A small converted studio containing three stages and a small office area.

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Global BC from The Flash
81 m

Enterprise Street (between Arden & Under… from The Flash
109 m

Propane Depot from Stargate SG-1
254 m

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The Flash

Vaughn Pharmaceuticals (exterior)

A scientist is killed by Grodd after stealing some chemicals from a lab and Joe and Patty investigate in episode 2x07 “Gorilla Warfare”.

Purse Snatcher

Wally tries to stop a purse snatcher only to realize he is up against a meta-human in episode 2x22 “Invincible”.

News Broadcast

Barry and Iris see a broadcast about the battle between Kid Flash and The Rival while at Jitters in episode 3x01 “Flashpoint”.

Leawood Community Gym

Barry follows Cisco to the gym and finds him attending a support group in episode 3x02 “Paradox”.

Burning Building (interior)

Lucious Coolidge AKA Heat Monger walks into an office and lights it on fire with his flamethrower in episode 3x21 “Cause and Effect”.

Central City University (entryway)

Barry examines the mug he stole from Clifford DeVoe's desk in episode 4x07 “Therefore I Am”.

Doctor's Office

Clifford DeVoe gets a diagnosis from a doctor in episode 4x07 “Therefore I Am”.

John Loring's Office

Sue and Ralph flee after finding a key to a safe deposit box in the office in episode 6x12 “A Girl Named Sue”.