“Magenta” Filming Locations

Barry and Iris go on their first official date which is interrupted by the arrival of Harry and Jesse from Earth-2.

Series: The Flash Season 3, Episode 3
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The Flash episode "Magenta" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Coopers' Park as Flower Stall

Barry uses his speed to quickly get some flowers from a outdoor stall for Iris.


1290 Homer Street as Central City Picture News Delivery Entrance

Barry meets Iris outside her work with flowers before they head off on their first real date.

La Terrazza as Fancy Restaurant

Barry takes Iris to a expensive restaurant for their date.


Alley (south of Hamilton, west of Davie) as Alley behind Central City Police

The Flash follows Magenta out of the police station only to have her escape when she throws a squad car with a police officer still inside.


Homer Street (between Pacific & Drake) as Street

Wally heads outside to talk to Jesse after she fights with her father and she tells Wally about how she got her powers.

Waterfront Centre as Central City Hospital

Magenta lifts an oil tanker over the hospital in an attempt to kill her step-father.

Coopers' Park as Date Spot

Barry uses his speed to take Iris to another date spot on the waterfront.