Movies Filmed at La Terrazza

1088 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5X6, Canada
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In operation since 1998, this swanky Italian restaurant prides itself on its extensive wine collection. The various rooms around the restaurant offer a number of different looks for upscale dining in films.

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The Flash


Barry goes as the fifth wheel on a double date with Felicity & Ray and Iris & Eddie in episode 1x18 "All Star Team Up".

Fancy Restaurant

Barry takes Iris to a expensive restaurant for their date in episode 3x03 "Magenta".




Table Salt

Oliver & Helena join Laurel & Tommy for an accidental double date that ends badly in episode 1x08 "Vendetta". Oliver is out on a date with Felicity when it is interrupted by a call from the team in episode 6x04 "Reversal".

Legends of Tomorrow

Star City Restaurant [2018]

Sara and Ava go on their first date and decide to not talk about anything work related in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".



Maggie tells Alex about her breakup with Emily after she doesn't show up for their dinner in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".


Fancy Restaurant

Nicholas Tanz is out smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey when his credit card is declined in episode 2x10 "Prisoners".



Backstrom and his team crash the victim's wake to check out the suspects in episode 1x04 "I Am a Bird Now".