“Survivors” Filming Locations

The body of a alien leads Maggie and Alex into investigating an underground alien fight club while Hank tries to bond with M'gann and Kara works on her first real story.

Series: Supergirl Season 2, Episode 4
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Supergirl episode "Survivors" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Clarkson Street (between Begbie & McKenzie) as Quill's Apartment

Maggie and Alex track down the Quill who is a suspect in the murder of the alien.


Port Mann Power Station as First Fight Club (exterior)

Alex joins Maggie outside a warehouse in a fancy outfit for their not-a-date at the fight club.


Port Mann Power Station as Second Fight Club

Hank and M'gann are forced to fight each other at Roulette's fight club but are saved by Supergirl and the DEO.

102 Avenue & 201 Street as Confronting Roulette

Supergirl stops Roulette's limo and confronts her about the fight club.

New Westminster Police Service as National City Police Department

Alex arrives at the police station just as Maggie is forced to release Roulette and then she asks Maggie out for drinks.


628 Carnarvon Street as Body Dump

Maggie invites Alex to where the police found the body of an alien in the trunk of a car.

20146 100a Avenue as Alien Bar

Hank returns to the bar to apologize to M'gann only to be captured by Roulette.