Movies Filmed at Port Mann Power Station

14300 117th Ave., Surrey, BC

The former turbine hall of a gas power station nestles between the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the Port Mann rail yard.

Nearby Locations
Red Robinson Show Theatre from Psych
1.6 km

65 North Bend Street from The Flash and 1 other movie.
1.7 km

Franklin Road (between Grosvenor & Cowan… from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
1.8 km

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Stargate SG-1

Training Facility

SG-1 runs some SGC recruits when they receive a call about a foothold situation in episode 5x13 “Proving Ground”.


Russian Stargate Facility

The team travels to the secret Russian Stargate facility and attempts to defeat some water creatures in episode 4x07 “Watergate”.


SG-1 is replaced with mechanical doppelgängers while exploring an alien factory in episode 1x18 “Tin Man”.

Underneath P3R-118

SG-1 is forced to work in a factory underneath the domed city in episode 4x10 “Beneath the Surface”.


First Fight Club (exterior)

Alex joins Maggie outside a warehouse in a fancy outfit for their not-a-date at the fight club in episode 2x04 “Survivors”.

Second Fight Club

Hank and M'gann are forced to fight each other at Roulette's fight club but are saved by Supergirl and the DEO in episode 2x04 “Survivors”.

Portal Warehouse (exterior)

The Resistance is constructing a portal to another world when they are attacked in episode 3x08 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1”.


Mason Industries Lab

Flynn leads a team that steals the time machine from the lab in pilot episode.

Oakland Warehouse

The team takes up refuge in a warehouse where Noah helps patch up Rufus. The team uses the time machine to escape just as Rittenhouse agents arrive in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.