“The Christmas Invasion” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who 2005 Christmas Special
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Doctor Who special "The Christmas Invasion" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Tower of London as Tower of London (aka UNIT HQ)

Daniel Llewellyn is driven to UNIT's secret base to talk about his mars mission.


Brian Cox Motor Engineering as Mickey's Garage

Mickey is working in a garage when he hears the sound of the TARDIS arriving.


Wharton Street & Working Street as Shopping

Mickey and Rose go shopping only to be attacked by the creepy robo-santas.


Millennium Stadium as Unit HQ

Harriet Jones talks to aliens from UNIT's command center.


Broadstairs Road as People Leaving Their Homes

The aliens compel people to leave their homes.


Baltic House as People Walking up Stairs

People compelled by the aliens walk up to the roof of a building.


Landmark Place as People Walking

People walk up stairs and line up on the rooftop.


Former NCP Tredegar Street Car Park as Mickey & Rose on Rooftop

Mickey & Rose stand with the people controlled by the aliens.


Tredegar House as Prime Minister's Office

Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, gives a TV address asking for help from the Doctor.


Clearwell Caves as Sycorax Spaceship

The aliens teleport the TARDIS aboard their spaceship.


Barry Docks as Spaceship Exterior

The Doctor fights on the outside of the spacecraft and has his hand cut off.


Wallis House as TARDIS Returned

After leaving the alien spacecraft, Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, orders Torchwood to destroy it and is yelled at by the Doctor.