“Love & Monsters” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 2, Episode 10
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Doctor Who episode "Love & Monsters" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Former St. David's Market as Tracking in Market

Elton searches for signs of the Doctor in a busy market.


Glamorgan Building (Cardiff University) as Spaceship over London

Elton watches the Sycorax fly over London and crash into Big Ben.


Wharton Street & Working Street as Elton Shopping

Elton is shopping when he witnesses the Nestene mannequins awakening.


Alexandra Docks as Woolwich Warehouse

Elton enters a warehouse after finding the TARDIS outside.


Jacob's Antique Centre as LINDA Meeting Hall

Elton and his friends meet in a basement and talk about the Doctor.


Port Teigr as Elton Searches for TARDIS

Elton runs across a field when he learns the TARDIS has been spotted.


Llandaff Fields as Elton & Ursula Meet

Elton meets Ursula in the park and talk about the Doctor.


Llanedeyrn Drive Underpass as Walking with Pizza

Elton walks back to Jackie's place with a pizza.


Cargo Road as TARDIS by Warehouse

Elton comes upon the TARDIS by a series of warehouses.


Helen Place as Elton Spies Jackie

Elton is walking down the street when he sees Jackie.


Heol Pentwyn as Elton's Childhood Home

Elton conducts a video blog from outside his childhood house.


St. Peter's Sports and Social Club as Memory in Park

Elton remembers a time with his mother.


Wash Inn as Wash Inn

Elton approaches Jackie in the laundromat.


Adam Street Car Park as Final Confrontation

Elton runs from the monster and is saved by the Doctor and Rose. The streets and buildings have since been demolished and replaced by a parking lot.