Movies Filmed at Glamorgan Building

Glamorgan Building, Cardiff CF10, UK

Part of Cardiff University

Nearby Locations
Cardiff Central Police Station from Doctor Who
95 m

Cathays Park from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
108 m

Temple Of Peace from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
191 m

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Doctor Who

White House (corridors)

Amy walks down these corridors to go to the bathroom in the White House in episode 6x01 “The Impossible Astronaut”.

War Rooms (roof)

The Doctor and Amy are taken to watch a demonstration of the Daleks in episode 5x03 “Victory of the Daleks”.

Grayle's Mansion (exterior)

Rory is driven to to Grayle's mansion in episode 7x05 “The Angels Take Manhattan”.

Officer's Club

Jack observes Rose hanging from a barrage balloon in episode 1x09 “The Empty Child”.

Cardiff Town Hall

The Doctor and his crew confront Margaret about her evil plan in Cardiff in episode 1x11 “Boom Town”.

Spaceship over London

Elton watches the Sycorax fly over London and crash into Big Ben in episode 2x10 “Love & Monsters”.

Bois de Boulogne

Noor Inayat Khan and Ada Lovelace travel to where the Master has parked his TARDIS in a Parisian alley in episode 12x02 “Spyfall - Part Two”.

Source: Cultbox