“Turn Left” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4, Episode 11
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Doctor Who episode "Turn Left" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Lady Mary Allotments as Wilfred's Allotment

Wilf watches the stars disappear from the sky.


Heol Gabriel & Court Road as Donna Decides to Turn

Donna wants to turn left but her mother wants her to turn right.


Mortimer Road as Racnoss Ship over London

People at the pub watch the Racnoss spacecraft fire on London.


Hamadryad Road & Hunter Street as Doctor's Body Recovered

Donna runs up as the Doctor's body is taken from beneath the Thames.


Porthkerry Viaduct as View of Mushroom Cloud

The Noble family watches London explode from the hotel their are staying at in the country.


Sophia Gardens as Leeds Park

Donna talks with Rose about what is happening in the world and what she can do about it.


7 Machen Street as Noble Refugee House

The Noble family is relocated to a refugee home in Leeds.


Clearwater Way as Donna Arrives Back

Donna arrives back in time to stop herself from turning right.


Cardiff Royal Infirmary as Hospital News Report

Donna and Wilfred watch a news report on the disappearing hospital.


Alley Entrance on Rudry Street as Donna talk to Rose

Donna encounters Rose running out of an alley.


Former AvestaPolarit Panteg Steelworks as UNIT Warehouse

Rose takes Donna to the UNIT warehouse where they are constructing the time machine.


St. Isan Road as Truck Hits Donna

Future Donna jumps in front of the blue truck.


Port Road as Noble Family Relocated

The Noble family is bused to a refugee house in Leeds.


The Conway as Christmas Party

Donna and her friends are attending a Christmas party when the Racnoss ship appears overhead.


Bay Chambers as Chowdry's Office

Donna is fired from her job at the same time the hospital disappears.


Heol Y Gors & Franklen Road as Donna meets Rose

Donna is walking down the street when she encounters Rose.


Egerton Grey Country House Hotel as Firbourne House

Donna and her family are staying in this hotel when the Space-Titanic crashes into Buckingham Palace.


Heol Gabriel & Court Close as Truck Drives

A blue truck drives down the street.


The Maltings as Shan Shen

Donna and the Doctor explore an alien planet.