“The Stolen Earth” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4, Episode 12
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Doctor Who episode "The Stolen Earth" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brook Street as Roundup on Street

The Daleks round up people in the street while Wilf and Sylvia watch.


Optometry and Visual Sciences (Cardiff University) as The Shadow Proclamation

Donna and the Doctor visit the Shadow Proclamation and attempt to figure out the disappearance of the Earth.


Ffordd Gerdinan & West Mount Crescent as TARDIS Arrives on Disappearing Earth

Donna and the Doctor arrive on the Earth only to have it disappear.


High Street & Queen's Road & Paget Road & Arcot Street as Rose & Doctor Meet

Rose and the Doctor run down the street towards each other only to be attacked by a Dalek.


Plantagenet Street as Dalek Attacked with Paintball

Wilf and Sylvia are sneaking through an alley when they encounter a Dalek but are saved by Rose.


Lower House as Harriet's House

Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister, sends a communication to Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith, and Martha to stop the Daleks.


South Wales Traffic Management Centre as UNIT New York HQ

Martha is working at a UNIT base when it is attacked by the Daleks.


Wales Museum Collections Centre as UNIT Storage

Martha is led into the UNIT basement and given the experimental teleportation device.


Computing Wales as TV Shop

Rose enters a television shop and watches the Dalek message.


St. Joseph's Church as TARDIS Arrives & is Taken

Donna and the Doctor arrive in the TARDIS.


21 Clinton Road as Sarah Jane Smith's House

After getting the message from Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister, Sarah Jane drives to meet the Doctor.


9 Lower Cwrt-y-Vil Road as Francine Jones's House

Martha reappears in her mother's home.


Market Street as Rose Walks through Destruction

Rose walks through the looting with her giant gun when the Daleks start attacking.


Robinswood Crescent as Sarah Jane Stopped

Sarah Jane Smith is driving to meet with the Doctor when she is stopped by the Daleks.