“Let's Kill Hitler” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 6, Episode 8
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Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brangwyn Hall as Hitler's Office

The Doctor inadvertently saves the life of Hitler.


Brangwyn Hall as Hotel Adlon (entrance)

Guest at the dinner party run from the building.


Temple Of Peace as Reich Chancellery (entrance)

Erich Zimmerman approaches the chancellery building.


Brangwyn Hall as Reich Chancellery (rear)

River steals a bike from some German soldiers.


Temple Of Peace as Hotel Adlon (restaurant)

River assaults this German dinner party to get some appropriate clothes.


Cyfarthfa Castle as Amelia's School

Flashbacks of Amy, Rory, and Mels growing up and going to school.


Cyfarthfa Castle as Reich Chancellery (hallway)

Erich Zimmerman walks down the hallway and is spotted by the crew of the Tesselecter.