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Cardiff University, King Edward VII Ave, Castle, Cardiff CF10 3, UK
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King Edward VII Avenue (between Corbett … from Doctor Who
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Cathays Park 2 from Doctor Who
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Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from Doctor Who
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Doctor Who

Hotel Adlon (restaurant)

River assaults this German dinner party to get some appropriate clothes in episode 6x08 "Let's Kill Hitler".

Reich Chancellery (entrance)

Erich Zimmerman approaches the chancellery building in episode 6x08 "Let's Kill Hitler".

Silurian Senate Chamber

Amy, Nasreen Chaudhry, Mo, and the Doctor are taken to be executed in this chamber. Later the chamber is used for the human/silurian negotiations in episode 5x09 "Cold Blood".

Platform One

Rose and the Doctor visit a space station to watch the end of the Earth in episode 1x02 "The End of the World".

New New York Senate

The Face of Boe and Novice Hame work to rescue the Doctor from the chamber filled with dead senators in episode 3x03 "Gridlock".

The Temple

Donna is brought to the temple of the Soothsayers in episode 4x02 "The Fires of Pompeii".