“Outlaw Country” Filming Locations

The Legends return to the old west and team up with Jonah Hex to stop a dangerous man from taking over the west using a rare element.

Series: Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 6
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Legends of Tomorrow episode "Outlaw Country" was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

North 40 Dog Park as Liberty Outskirts [1874]

The Legends arrive at the location of a aberration to find Jonah Hex about to be lynched by some goons of Quentin Turnbull.


Bordertown as Liberty, Colorado [1874]

Jonah Hex takes the Legends to the town that has been taken over by Quentin Turnbull and tells them what has been going on.

Britannia Mine Museum as Turnbull's Mine [1874]

Ray, Jax, and Nate sneak into the mine and find that Turnbull is mining Dwarf Star Alloy.