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1 Forbes Way, Britannia Beach, BC V0N 1J0, Canada
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Built inside the former Concentrator building of a copper mine, the Britannia Mine Museum is a National Historic Site which educates visitors on British Columbia’s mining industry. The processing facility operated for seventy years starting in 1904, with Mill #3 constructed in 1923. No mining actually took place in these tunnels as they were used to transport ore to the Howe Sound.

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Abandoned Dock near Britannia Beach from Travelers and 1 other movie.
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Britannia Beach, BC from Psych and 4 other movies.
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The Flash

Salt Mine

The Dominators set up in an old salt mine and the team heads there to rescue the President in episode 3x08 "Invasion!".


Mine (interior)

The team takes the warhead down into the mine but find the Faction waiting there for them in episode 2x06 "U235".

The Magicians

The Poison Room

Sylvia and Penny travel into the Poison Room to search for the books they need only to learn that the room's name is more literal than they thought in episode 2x12 "Ramifications".



Sam and Ben Collins enter an abandoned mine and find Dean and the others hanging from the ceiling in episode 1x02 "Wendigo".

The 100

Reaper Tunnels

Lincoln leads Clarke and Finn through the mines back to their camp in episode 1x12 "We Are Grounders: Part 1". Clarke and Anya have to escape through these tunnels in episode 2x03 "Reapercussions". Octavia and Indra lead and assault through the tunnels in episode 2x15 "Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1".

Legends of Tomorrow

Turnbull's Mine [1874]

Ray, Jax, and Nate sneak into the mine and find that Turnbull is mining Dwarf Star Alloy in episode 2x06 "Outlaw Country".

The X-Files

From episode 3x02 "Paper Clip".

Altered Carbon

Yakuza Base

Tak leads a CTAC assault team on his home planet but turns on them after encountering his sister in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".