“Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.” Filming Locations

Series: Lucifer Season 1, Episode 2
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Lucifer episode "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Hollywood Boulevard (between Las Palmas & Cherokee) as Street Preacher

Lucifer sees a street preacher who doesn't truly believe and shows the preacher his true face.


El Capitan Theatre as Lux

Lucifer arrives at his club.


Franklin Street (between Salsbury & Victoria) as Car Crash

Chloe arrives on a crime scene where a paparazzi apparently drove a young celebrity off the road.


2346 Astral Drive as Robbie Russell Sr.'s House

Chloe goes to talk to the father of the victim at his home.

Caprice Nightclub as Nightclub

Chloe and Lucifer head to the nightclub to find the paparazzi who was at the crime scene.

Oceanic Plaza as Talking to Josh Bryant

Chloe and Lucifer approach John Bryant who is photographing some celebrity.