“Sweet Kicks” Filming Locations

Series: Lucifer Season 1, Episode 5
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Lucifer episode "Sweet Kicks" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Greenworks Building Supply as Benny's Studio

Lucifer and Maze attend a fashion show by someone Lucifer lent a favor to, and later they question the artist in his studio.

750 Pacific Boulevard as Police Station

Lucifer shows up at the police station to meet with Lt. Monroe.


Alley (south of 2nd, west of Ontario) as Lux (parking garage)

Lucifer and Chloe chat while walking to his car.

Union Jack Public House as The Paddock

Chloe and Lucifer visit a cop bar and Lucifer ends up knocking out another cop.

Waves Coffee House as Beelzebean

Mazikeen meets with Amenadiel at a coffee shop to discuss Lucifer.


Point Grey Secondary as Community Center


West 41st Avenue & Yew Street as Turning Corner

Chloe speeds around a corner on their way to Benny's studio.