Movies Filmed at 750 Pacific Boulevard

750 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R8, Canada

An office block that was constructed as part of the Plaza of Nations development for Expo ‘86. Originally there was a matching set of offices to the west, but those were demolished in 2008.

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Pacific Boulevard (between Smithe & Grif… from Batwoman
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Plaza of Nations from The Flash and 19 other movies.
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WestPark Lot 098 from Supergirl
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The Flash

Baldwin Tower (interior)

Iris tries to use Barry's wind funnel trick to put out the fire but only makes things worse in episode 4x16 “Run, Iris, Run”.

Central City Picture News

Nora and Barry arrive to stop a fire at the news studio but Spencer Young uses her powers to draw Barry away forcing Nora to stop the fire on her own in episode 5x04 “News Flash”.


Police Station

Lucifer shows up at the police station to meet with Lt. Monroe in episode 1x05 “Sweet Kicks”. Chloe and Dan talk about the Palmetto case in episode 1x07 “Wingman”. Malcolm talks to Dan in episode 1x09 “A Priest Walks Into a Bar”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

The police look into the devil cult.

Take Me Back to Hell

Dan turns himself in to save Lucifer.

Fletcher's (exterior)

Ella flirts with the local detective while Candy thanks Lucifer for his help in episode 3x06 “Vegas with Some Radish”.


Rooftop by Boxing Gym

Oliver and Sara fight Count Vertigo on a rooftop across the the boxing arena in episode 3x01 “The Calm”.

Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center (roof)

Team Arrow battles Derek Sampson and his goons to stop the release of a deadly virus in episode 5x21 “Honor Thy Fathers”.


Thea zip-lines over to the hotel where Roy is being held and sneaks inside while the police officers are distracted by fireworks in episode 6x15 “Doppelgänger”.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Seattle Police Department (interior)

Zimmerfield & Estevez discuss the incident at the hotel and Todd in episode 1x01 “Horizons”. Todd comes in to talk about seeing Lydia Spring in episode 1x03 “Rogue Wall Enthusiasts”. Zimmerfield gets suspicious of the replaced Agent Weedle when he comes by asking questions in episode 1x04 “Watkin”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Very Erectus

They try to get their captain to get them a warrant for the zoo.

Fix Everything

Estevez is fired for pursuing the investigation and getting his partner killed.

Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things

Gordon comes to the captain about the stolen machine.

Loading Dock

Webb is discovered injured after a battle with the Men of the Machine by his future wife in episode 1x07 “Weaponized Soul”.