“Liv and Let Clive” Filming Locations

Liv eats the brains of a paranoid criminal and finds herself suspecting the worst of Clive.

Series: iZombie Season 1, Episode 4
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iZombie episode "Liv and Let Clive" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Good Luck Audio & Video as Hong Kong Video

Liv and Ravi attempt to track down clues at a gang-run video store.

Big Lou's Butcher Shop as Meat Cute

Blaine runs his brains racket out of a butcher shop.

Parking Lot (off West Waterfront Road) as Goons in Pickup

Blaine's two goons plan on starting their own operation.

Carter Cotton Building as Seattle Police Station

Liv sees one of the gang members following her when she goes to plant a tracker on Clive's car.

1245 Homer Street as Jackie's Apartment

Blaine's two goons try and sell Jackie on their competing service.


217 19th Street East as Major's House

Liv arrives at Major's place and learns that he spent the night with a girl and is interviewing new roommates. Eventually Ravi moves in to the house.