Movies Filmed at 1245 Homer Street

1245 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y9, Canada
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Xoxolat from iZombie
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Grace Residences from iZombie
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1290 Homer Street from The Flash
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Debbie Lang's Apartment

Chloe and her team look around the crime scene of the murdered private school teacher in episode 2x15 "Deceptive Little Parasite".


Jackie's Apartment

Blaine spends the night with Jackie and later returns to sell her brains in episode 1x02 "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?". Blaine's two goons try and sell Jackie on their competing service in episode 1x04 "Liv and Let Clive". Jackie kills a delivery boy and is killed by Blaine in her penthouse in episode 1x06 "Virtual Reality Bites".

University Dorm (exterior)

Liv and Clive leave the dorm after Liv has a vision, and then Liv talks to Connie Roy in episode 1x10 "Mr. Berserk".