Movies Filmed at 1245 Homer Street

1245 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y9, Canada
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Xoxolat from iZombie
26 m

Grace Residences from iZombie
68 m

1290 Homer Street from The Flash
72 m

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Jackie's Apartment

Blaine spends the night with Jackie and later returns to sell her brains in episode 1x02 “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”. Blaine's two goons try and sell Jackie on their competing service in episode 1x04 “Liv and Let Clive”. Jackie kills a delivery boy and is killed by Blaine in her penthouse in episode 1x06 “Virtual Reality Bites”.

University Dorm (exterior)

Liv and Clive leave the dorm after Liv has a vision, and then Liv talks to Connie Roy in episode 1x10 “Mr. Berserk”.