“Deep Throat” Filming Locations

Series: The X-Files Season 1, Episode 2
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The X-Files episode "Deep Throat" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

321 Fourth Avenue as Budahas House

The military police from the nearby base raid the house and find Lt. Col. Robert Budahas having a breakdown.

Bauhaus as Washington D.C. Bar

Mulder is going over case files with Scully at a bar when he is approached by someone warning him off.

Beach Grove Motel as Gateway Motor Lodge

Mulder and Scully stay at a motel near Ellis Air Base.

405 Fourth Avenue as Colonel Kissel's House

Scully and Mulder confront Colonel Kissel outside his home about the Aurora Project but are quickly rebuffed.

Hilltop Cafe as The Flying Saucer

Mulder and Scully talk with the cafe owner who shows them photos of UFOs.


Former Erik's Restaurant as Erik's

Scully and Mulder take Emil and Zoe to a diner to discuss what they saw at the base.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Ellis Air Base (runway)

Mulder sneaks onto the base and sees one of the UFOs flying, but he is captured and brought into the hanger.


Former Airport Road & 80th Street as Ellis Air Base (gate)

Scully forces Paul Mossinger to drive to the base at gunpoint and picks up Mulder at the gate.

South Delta Secondary School as Running Track

Mulder is running the track when Deep Throat approaches him once again.