“Plastique” Filming Locations

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 5
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The Flash episode "Plastique" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Ceili's Irish Pub & Restaurant as Irish Pub

The whole gang hangs out at an Irish Pub.

Commerce Place Vancouver as Burning Building (exterior)

Barry runs up the side of a burning building to save a window washer and is spotted by Iris.


Alley (south of Burrard, west of Hastings) as Alley beside Burning Building

Barry approaches the building that exploded and gets a running start to run up the side.

Alley (south of Howe, west of Hastings) as Barry & Plastique in Alley

Barry's suit is turned into explosive when he confronts Bette Sans Souci in an alley.

Vancouver Mill Machinery 1st Ave. Plant as Experimentation Warehouse

The team tests out Bette Sans Souci's explosive powers in front of an abandoned warehouse.

Belkin House as Jitters Rooftop

Barry talks to Iris as The Flash on the roof.

Hinge Park as Confrontation in Park

General Eiling tries to capture Bette Sans Souci but ends up killing her instead.