“The Flash Is Born” Filming Locations

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 6
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The Flash episode "The Flash Is Born" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Belkin House as Jitters Rooftop


Allright Ladder Co. of Canada Ltd. as Chase

The police chase Tony Woodward down the street.


Franklin Street & Woodland Drive as Roadblock

Tony Woodward crashes through the police roadblock.


Alley (south of Pandora, west of Victoria) as End of Chase

Barry confronts Tony Woodward in an alley after he breaks through the police roadblock.

Terminal City Iron Works as Rusty Iron Ale

Barry and Eddie track down their suspect to a brewery and end up chasing him.

Terminal City Iron Works as Warehouse

Barry searches for Tony Woodward in a warehouse and ends up getting attacked and knocked out.


556 West 17th Avenue as West House

Iris sees two police officers attacked outside the house.


Alley (south of Pandora, west of Victoria) as End of Run Up

Barry stops at an alley at the end of his run up to hit Tony Woodward.