“Rogue Air” Filming Locations

Barry teams up with some old enemies to try and save their prisoners from the activation of the particle accelerator.

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 22
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The Flash episode "Rogue Air" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Franklin Street (between Commercial & Salsbury) as Road out of Town

Barry chases Wells towards the edge of town.


Parking Lot (at 778 Beatty Street) as Police Station Parking Lot

Iris confronts Eddie outside the police station about the ring.

BC Place Stadium as S.T.A.R. Labs

The crew loads up their prisoners into the transport truck, and later Barry and others battle Wells outside the building.


Franklin Street & McLean Drive as Roadblock

Barry sets up a roadblock to allow unobstructed passage of their prisoner transport.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Ferris Air

The crew transports their prisoners to the airport for transfer to A.R.G.U.S. custody when they get free.