“Unchained” Filming Locations

The team encounters an old friend while hunting down an enemy who is trying to destroy the city through the internet.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 12
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Arrow episode "Unchained" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Vancouver Film Studios as AmerTek (offices)

Laurel and Diggle attempt to stop the thief but he escapes through the vents.

Canada Post Main Office as AmerTek (rooftop)

Thea and Oliver chase the thief across the rooftop but he escapes when Thea passes out.


Alley (south of Franklin, west of Vernon) as Chasing Thief

Oliver walks down the alley near the thief's latest target and sees him running across a nearby rooftop.


United Rentals as Revealing Thief

Oliver catches up with the thief and reveals him to be Roy.

Pacific Backlot Services as Ruvé Adams's Campaign Office

The Arrow waits for Ruvé Adams outside her office to propose a meeting with Darhk.


Alley (south of Franklin, west of Vernon) as Darhk's Limo

Damien Darhk waits to meet with the Green Arrow.