“Face the Raven” Filming Locations

Clara and the Doctor must help an old friend who has missing memories and a strange tattoo.

Series: Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 10
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Doctor Who episode "Face the Raven" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Main Building (Cardiff University) as Great British Library

The Doctor takes Clara and Rigsy to the map room in the library to find old maps.


Hills Street & The Hayes as Checking Map

The Doctor, Clara, and Rigsy look at the map and split up to search for the trap street.


Quay Street & Westgate Street as Rigsy Searching

Rigsy walks around a corner and searches a wall.


Morgan Arcade as Searching through Shops

Clara searches around some shops for the trap street.


Hills Street as Clara Searching

Clara searches for the hidden street.


Wharton Street (between St. Mary & Bakers) as The Doctor Searches

The Doctor talks to a small child while searching for the hidden street.


Westgate Street (between Guildhall & Park) as Clara Losing Count

Clara notices she loses count while walking in front of a cafe.


Park Street & Westgate Street as Finding Entrance

The group compares notes, and then Rigsy finds the entrance after seeing his phone.