“The Next Doctor” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special
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Doctor Who special "The Next Doctor" was filmed in Cardiff, Newport, & Gloucester in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Fonmon Castle as Reverend Fairchild's House

The Doctors are searching the house of the recently deceased Reverend when they attacked by Cybermen.


The Maltings as Doctors Meeting

The Doctor receives a call for help and meets Rosita and the other Doctor.


Mill Yard (Tredegar House) as "TARDIS" Yard

The Doctor takes the Doctor to his base and shows him the TARDIS.


Stable (Tredegar House) as The Doctor's Base

The Doctor talks with the Doctor about the mysterious deaths.


Tredegar House as London Street

Jackson Lake encourages people in the street to cheer for the Doctor.


Tredegar House as Cellar

The Doctor finds a Cyberman device in the cellar.


Millers Green as The Doctor Arrives

The TARDIS arrives in London and the Doctor is exploring the town when he a call for his help.


Berkeley Street as Panic in Street

People run from the Cyberking in the street.


St. Woolos Cemetery as Attack on Funeral

The Cybermen attack a funeral and upgrade the mourners.


MOD Caerwent as Pulled through Warehouse

The two Doctors are pulled by a Cyberdog through a warehouse and are rescued by Rosita.


Shire Hall as Outside Cyberbase

Jackson Lake rescues the Doctor and Rosita from the Cybermen outside the base.


College Green as TARDIS Under Arch

The TARDIS materializes under an arch in Victorian London.


College Green as Funeral Procession

The new Doctor and Rosita watch the funeral procession heading to the cemetery.