“Planet of the Dead” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4 Special
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Doctor Who special "Planet of the Dead" was filmed in Dubai in United Arab Emirates and Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

South Wales Traffic Management Centre as Traffic Cameras

A woman tracks the bus using the traffic cameras.


St. Mary's Street as Bus Stop

Christine and the Doctor both board a bus while the police search for Christine.


Alley off The Friary as International Gallery Escape

Christina escapes from the rear of the International Gallery with her loot.


Mir Steel as Tritovore Spaceship

Christina and the Doctor attempt to recover the ship's power source.


Lloyd George Avenue as Talking in Bus

Christina and the Doctor talk in the bus while riding down the street.


A4232 (Queen's Gate Tunnel) as Gladwall Tunnel

The police attempt to stop the bus in the tunnel only to have it disappear halfway through.


Dubai Desert as Planet of the Dead

The bus arrives in the middle of the desert.


National Museum of Wales as The International Gallery

Christina steals King Athelstan's Cup.