Movies Filmed at Eagle Harbour Yacht Club

5750 Eagle Harbour Road, West Vancouver, BC V7W 1P7, Canada
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Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre from Romeo Must Die
1.2 km

Old Highway Bridge from Stargate SG-1
1.2 km

4676 Decourcy Court from The X-Files
1.6 km

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Seashell Dive Center & Coast Guard Pier

Pier where Shawn & Gus are not allowed to board the Coast Guard pier and where they meet the oil baron in episode 3x06 "There Might Be Blood".

Source: Psych Forums

The Company You Keep

Lower Peninsula Marina

Charlie St. Cloud

Bailey's Yacht Club

Fairly Legal


Kate wakes up on her boat parked at the marina in pilot episode. From episode 1x02 "Priceless". From episode 1x03 "Benched". Appears in 5 more episodes.