Fairly Legal Filming Locations

Fairly Legal was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and San Francisco in United States of America.
Show Map

Vancouver Art Gallery

City Hall

Kate talks to Justin about her client at his office in pilot episode.

Police Station

Leonardo talks to one of his gamer buddies who is a cop to get information in pilot episode.

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

San Francisco County Jail

Kate goes to talk to D'Sean Henry about his brother in pilot episode.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU)

Reed & Reed

Kate works at her family's firm at in pilot episode. From episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once". From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

D.A.'s Office

Justin talks to D.A. Aaron Davidson about the trespassing case in episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once".

Eagle Harbour Yacht Club


Kate wakes up on her boat parked at the marina in pilot episode. From episode 1x02 "Priceless". From episode 1x03 "Benched". From episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once". From episode 1x05 "The Two Richards". From episode 1x08 "Ultravinyl". From episode 1x09 "My Best Friend's Prenup". From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

Granville Street Bridge

280 Heading South

Douglas Pease has an accident while driving down the highway in pilot episode.

West Hastings Street & Hornby Street

Running a Red Light

Douglas Pease is caught on camera running a red light in pilot episode.

Bentall 5 (Bentall Centre)

Pease Inc.

Kate goes to meet with Douglas and Charles Pease at their office in pilot episode.


San Francisco City Hall

City Hall (exterior/lobby)

Kate runs out of City Hall and talks to Justin at the lunch cart in pilot episode.


Dock B (San Francisco Ferry Terminal)

Ferry Terminal

Kate gets on the ferry to ride back to her boat in pilot episode.


Powell Street (between Post & Greary)

Running for Streetcar

Kate runs and tries to catch the streetcar after meeting with Spencer in pilot episode.

Brioche Eatery

Coffee Shop

Kate helps with a robbery at a coffee shop in pilot episode.


Columbus Avenue (between Broadway & Pacific)

Walking to Reed & Reed

Kate checks her phone while walking back to the office in pilot episode.

West Cordova Street & Homer Street

Walking to Work

Kate takes a phone call from her brother while walking to work before going into a coffee shop in pilot episode.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

Justin on Phone

Justin talks to Kate on the phone while walking to work in episode 1x02 "Priceless".

Union Square

Kate grabs coffee with Justin to talk about the case in episode 1x02 "Priceless".


Tommy's Market

Tommy's Market

Kate comes upon Steve Janks smashing up the shop and smashes it up with him in episode 1x02 "Priceless".


808 Beatty Street

Players Chophouse

Kate arranges a reunion with Steve Janks's old friends that he doesn't attend in episode 1x02 "Priceless".


Empty Lot off Vista Crescent

Baseball Lot

Kate comes upon Steve Janks hitting baseballs in the empty lot behind the market in episode 1x02 "Priceless".

Granville Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

Taxi Confrontation

Kate resolves a confrontation between a taxi drive and a bicyclist in episode 1x02 "Priceless".

Walking and Talking

Kate talks on the phone after leaving her meeting with Justin in episode 1x02 "Priceless".


Vancouver College

Valley Cross Field

A video of Coach Gardner yelling at and pushing a player gets him into trouble in episode 1x03 "Benched".

West Cordova Street & Water Street

3rd Street Bench

Leonardo talks to Justin on the street. Later Justin talks to Kate on the phone while walking down the street in episode 1x03 "Benched".

The Vancouver Club

The Club

Lauren goes to lunch at the club to try and retain one of their old clients in episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once".

Granville Street (between Pender & Hastings)

Eating Takeout

Kate and Justin eat takeout on a bench in episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once".

Waterfall Building

Justin's Apartment Building

Kate is staying at Justin's place when she tries to help him with the naked guy across the way in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards". From episode 1x07 "Coming Home".


City Centre Motor Hotel

City Centre Motor Hotel

Kate visits Richard Neumeier at the motel he is staying at to convince him to return in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards".

Alexander Street (between Powell & Columbia)

Accident Street

Richard Neumeier is hit by a truck in a flashback in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards".

Justin on Phone

Justin talks to Kate on the phone in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards".


Napier Street & Commercial Drive

Bongo Street

Kate visits Richard Neumeier where he is playing some bongos on the street in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards".

Anderson Street (between 2nd & Cartwright)

Roaming Dragon Food Truck

Kate and Justin eat at a food truck in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards".

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park)

Nick Grunyan's Cabin

Lauren visits a client's former husband to help finalize the divorce in episode 1x06 "Believers".

North Vancouver City Library

West Federal Bank

Kate meets Justin outside the bank in episode 1x06 "Believers".


Schneider Electric

Marsden Electronics

Kate goes to mediate a termination and ends up having to talk someone down from suicide in episode 1x06 "Believers".

Marine Building

Paul Hainsley's Office

Kate talks to Paul Hainsley outside his office about Sofia Peña in episode 1x07 "Coming Home".

401 Burrard Street

Customs & Immigration

Kate goes with Sofia Peña to the immigration office only to have Sofia be arrested in episode 1x07 "Coming Home".


Westwood Village

Near Justin's Apartment

Justin talks to Kate on the phone while out jogging, and later he talks her to the phone again while getting out of the cab in episode 1x07 "Coming Home".

Vogue Theatre

The Vogue

Mack and Sherry Belber tell the story of their band's last show and of Paul Shelton's breakdown in episode 1x08 "Ultravinyl".


Kitchener Street & Commercial Drive

Cafe (exterior)

Kate talks to Brandon Belber about Paul Shelton outside the cafe where the musician was performing in episode 1x08 "Ultravinyl".


Grant Street (between Salsbury & Victoria)

Street by Belber House

Kate is approached by Brandon Belber after talking to his parents outside their home in episode 1x08 "Ultravinyl".


Harrison Galleries

Cafe (interior)

Kate goes to a cafe to watch Paul Shelton play an acoustic set in episode 1x08 "Ultravinyl".


Chapel at Minoru Park

Wedding Chapel

Kate attends her best friend's wedding in episode 1x09 "My Best Friend's Prenup".

Oceanic Plaza

Justin on Phone

From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

250 Howe Street

Embassy (lobby)

From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

Roedde House Museum


From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

Granville Plaza

Park near Embassy

From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

Score on Davie

Sabbatino Bros. Dry Cleaners

Kate mediates between two brothers over a parking space at the business they own together in episode 1x10 "Bridges".