Movies Filmed at Rosemary Mansion

3689 Selkirk Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 1W5, Canada

A Tudor Revival mansion building for whiskey baron Edward Tulk in 1915. Now a privately owned residence and a Vancouver heritage building.

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Stargate SG-1

N.I.D. Safe House

Jack and Maybourne break into the safe house and find out what the captured Goa'uld knows in episode 5x14 “48 Hours”. Kinsey is taken to a N.I.D. safe house in episode 8x14 “Full Alert”.

Russian Interrogation Room

Russian soldiers capture Daniel an interrogate him about his interest in General Miroslav Kiselev in episode 8x14 “Full Alert”.


Kappa Tau Kappa

Maggie and Jordan sneak in to Maggie's old sorority during a Halloween party to search for the hidden piece of the Source in episode 3x03 “Triage”.


Vampire Soul's House

The team goes to stop a soul who thought she was a vampire in episode 2x05 “I Want My Baby Back”.