Charmed Filming Locations

After the mysterious death of their mother, two sisters learn about a third and discover they have inherited a powerful legacy of magic.

Charmed was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Phi Delta Upsilon

Mel picks up Maggie from a military-themed party and later Maggie is kidnapped and brought to a party to celebrate her acceptance into Kappa in pilot episode. Maggie visits Parker at his frat house and finds him injecting himself with some sort of drug in his room in episode 1x07 "Out of Scythe". Maggie parties with Lucy and finds herself talking to Parker who is bartending in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me". Mel attends the toga party while in Maggie's body and another two statues appear in a bedroom in episode 1x15 "Switches & Stones".

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC)

Department of Women's Studies

Mel is hanging up posters for the protest when she is greeted by Harry Greenwood, the new head of the department who is replacing her mother in pilot episode. Macy meets with Harry to interrogate him with the truth serum but realizes too late that it isn't working in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out". Mel is leaving class at night while in Maggie's body and is kidnapped for a rush party in episode 1x15 "Switches & Stones". Mel and Harry visit Maggie to give her the memory-restoring potion but things go wrong when Macy arrives setting off the curse in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".

Middleham Trust

Harry is shown a memory from his forgotten past of him robbing a bank and then being arrested in episode 1x10 "Keep Calm and Harry On".

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC)

Department of Genetics

Mel helps organize a protest of Professor Thaine outside the building where his lab is located in pilot episode. Mel and Maggie are given a vision of 1989 to learn what happened to cause Brenda to become a ghost and they spot their mother who is pregnant with Macy in episode 1x06 "Kappa Spirit". Maggie runs into Mel walking with Niko to Tessa's apartment while she is on her way to meet Parker in episode 1x19 "Source Material".


Nelson’s Folly

Vera Home (interior)

Marisol is spending the night alone while Maggie and Mel are out when a strange force comes to the house in pilot episode.


J.E. Phillips House

Vera Home (exterior)

Maggie and Mel head off for a night on the town while their mother stays home. Later, Macy is walking down the street with Galvin when she spies a house she seems to remember in pilot episode. Mel comes home and runs into Maggie outside who reveals her conversations with the Ouija board in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out". Maggie talks to Mel on the phone while walking home and later Mel runs into Macy on the porch in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth". Upon returning home, the Charmed Ones are visited by several of the magical folks they had previously saved who thank them for saving the world and ask them to help fill the vacuum left by the loss of the elders in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".

Main Mall (between Agricultural & University) (UBC)

Hilltowne University Pathway

Mel is putting up posters for her rally when Cam shows up and tells her she can't do that in pilot episode. Angela Wu follows Macy across campus but is interrupted by Mel who asks to talk in private in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth". Macy has a vision of a student being turned to stone and then next morning she finds a statue on her morning run in episode 1x15 "Switches & Stones".


Wilder Snail Neighborhood Grocery & Coffee Inc.

Coffee Shop

While talking over coffee with Niko, Mel repeatedly finds time around herself freezing in pilot episode. Mel gets to know the new Niko over coffee and the next day Niko gets a text from her saying goodbye in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".


The Heatley


While talking about her recent family visit with Galvin, Macy accidentally uses her powers to throw a beer bottle across the room in pilot episode.

Buchanan Building (UBC)

Hilltowne Police Department

Niko calls Mel about meeting for lunch and later Mel tries to get Niko out of the building while she is under the influence of the truth serum in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out".

Lady of the Lake Café

Maggie finds Brian at his work and tells him that she only wishes to be friends in the future in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out". Mel freezes time to watch Niko only to realize that Niko is still wearing the magic-blocking ring she gave her in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".


Main Mall (between Memorial & Agricultural)

Hilltowne University Plaza

Macy apologizes to Galvin for being rude to him earlier in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out".

Geography Building (UBC)

Cam's Dorm

The demon stalks outside a dorm building and zeroes in on Cam in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth".

Mathematics Annex (UBC)

Angela Wu's Dorm

Mel talks to Angela Wu alone to determine if she is the demon's host and then she runs into Niko who is investigating Cam's disappearance in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth".

Mahony & Sons Public House (UBC)

Maggie's Restaurant

Parker saves Maggie from an asshole customer while she is at work and then Lucy stops by to talk with her in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Department of Literature (exterior)

Mel and Macy talk to Maggie about how to handle Angela Wu as she heads to class and later Mel uses her powers to evade Trip who is following her and Maggie in episode 1x04 "Exorcise Your Demons".


728 East Kent Avenue South

Parking Lot

Trip tells Niko how he doesn't trust the Vera sisters while they eat lunch but she tells him they should be investigating elsewhere in episode 1x04 "Exorcise Your Demons".

Robson Square Campus (UBC)

Department of Literature (interior)

Maggie sees Lucy and Parker during her lit class and after telling Lucy about her grades, Lucy offers up Parker for tutoring in episode 1x04 "Exorcise Your Demons".


Ironwood Studios

Float Warehouse

The sisters take Angela Wu to the building where the homecoming floats are stored to perform the exorcism and Maggie is forced to distract Parker who has stopped by to drop off some fireworks in episode 1x04 "Exorcise Your Demons".

Hilltowne Police Department

Niko talks to the shapeshifter posing as an FBI agent and then heads off with Mel in episode 1x05 "Other Women".


Winram Block

Galvin's Apartment

Maggie accompanies Macy to Galvin's apartment to banish the succubus only to learn that Summer is just an ordinary woman in episode 1x05 "Other Women".

Burnaby Central Park


Mel accompanies Niko to Trip's grave and Niko tells her that she doesn't believe the narrative of him being a killer in episode 1x05 "Other Women".

Trip's Fishing Cabin

Niko finds evidence in Trip's fishing cabin but before she can leave the shapeshifter posing as Trip attacks her, steals the evidence, and lights the cabin on fire with her inside. The cabin was added for filming. in episode 1x05 "Other Women".

Swangard Stadium (Burnaby Central Park)

Hilltowne University Stadium

After telling Maggie that Parker broke up with her, Lucy tasks her friend with cyber-stalking him to see if he cheated on her in episode 1x05 "Other Women".


Romer's Burger Bar


Niko talks to Mel on the phone and something Mel says reminds her of Trip's fishing cabin in episode 1x05 "Other Women". Mel is accompanying Jada to meet her parents when a black van pulls up and some goons bearing crossbows jump out and shoot at them in episode 1x13 "Manic Pixie Nightmare".

Heritage Hall

Hilltowne University Arts & Architecture Library

Mel calls Niko and invites her to go away for the weekend in episode 1x05 "Other Women".


The Metropole

The Metropole

Maggie and Macy attend $1 Draft Night to figure out whether Galvin's new girlfriend Summer is a succubus in episode 1x05 "Other Women".

Casa Mia

Kappa Tau Kappa

Lucy lights a strange looking candle to help her meditate and accidentally releases the ghost of a former Kappa sister in episode 1x06 "Kappa Spirit".

Jenna Gordonson's Home

Maggie and Mel talk to the Kappa who kicked out Brenda and learn the truth about who she was and how she died in episode 1x06 "Kappa Spirit".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Hilltowne University Graduate Center

Parker asks Maggie out on a date now that Lucy has moved on and later Macy meets with Galvin to fire him but cannot do it in episode 1x07 "Out of Scythe". Macy finally meets up with Galvin to talk to him about the whole witch thing and later Maggie runs into Parker and has trouble keeping her feelings in check despite the spell in episode 1x10 "Keep Calm and Harry On". Maggie stops Mel from stalking Niko on Instagram and then Lucy invites Maggie to a party. Later, Maggie tells Parker that she no longer hates him in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".

Elder Council

Harry is tried by the Elders for his relationship with Charity and stripped of his powers in episode 1x17 "Surrender". Harry and the sisters set up an ambush using the remaining Elders as bait but are caught off guard by Hunter's vicious attack in episode 1x20 "Ambush".

H.M. Brown U.S. Courthouse

Elder Cate Monroe is leaving a meeting when someone gives her a cup of poisoned coffee in episode 1x20 "Ambush".

Rose Garden (UBC)

Rose Garden

Maggie goes on her date with Parker which is going well until she hears something troubling in his thoughts in episode 1x07 "Out of Scythe".


New District Dunbar Wine Shop

Wine Store

A man finishes selling wine in his store and then is attacked by a shadow after power goes out in episode 1x07 "Out of Scythe".


Chester Street (between Marine & Kent)


Galvin is texting with Macy when he is struck by a van in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo".


The Beaumont Gallery

Ferrer Township Parking Lot

A man returns to his car after a date and is attacked. Mel, Harry, and Charity investigate his death the next day in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo".


1010 George Street

Abandoned Building

The sisters chase Jada through a building and after they leave she uses the Scythe to release something from Tartarus in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo".


DHX Media


Maggie attends a briefing for the internship competition and meets up with Parker after in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo".

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

Bucharest Cathedral

Parker and Hunter visit an a cathedral to steal an important amulet from a dead saint but are interrupted by a priest in episode 1x09 "Jingle Hell".


Alexandra Park


Parker teleports Maggie with him to try to explain himself but she shuts him down in episode 1x09 "Jingle Hell".

Sullivan Heights Secondary

Hilltowne University Performing Arts Center

Maggie auditions for the school's a cappella group and under the guidance of Mr. Morales attends several rehearsals after being accepted in preparation for the big show in episode 1x11 "Witch Perfect".


East 17th Avenue & Main Street

Bench on Sidewalk

Mel sits down with Jada and tells her the truth about why she first came to the Sarcona and later she tells her about Niko's visit in episode 1x11 "Witch Perfect".


Alexander Lamb Antiques

Rigopoulos Antiques

Mr. Morales visits a antique store while on vacation in Greece and plays a set of ancient pitch pipes that release a demon in episode 1x11 "Witch Perfect".

The Blarney Stone

The Drunken Footman

Harry takes Mel to a pub and tells her about the memories he recovered in his time in Tartarus in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".

Water Street & Alexander Street

Manchester Street

Harry's powers malfunction trapping Mel and him in England and he reveals how his powers are on the fritz in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".


Strathcona Church

Manchester Church

Mel and Harry are wandering around Manchester when Harry feels drawn to a church in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".

5818 Tisdall Street

Carter's Home

Harry and Mel locate the home of Harry's son and see him playing with his grandchildren in episode 1x12 "You're Dead To Me".

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Hawthorne Film Studies

Parker gets Maggie's warning text too late to protect him from Chloe, the pixie. Later, the sisters track Zack there to stop him from controlling Chloe and Harry in episode 1x13 "Manic Pixie Nightmare".


Purdys Chocolatier

The Haunt

Mel is taking out the trash when Jada surprises her and tells her about the group she works for in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo". Noah is waiting outside for Maggie and Macy when Chloe shows up, asks for his phone, and leads him into traffic in episode 1x13 "Manic Pixie Nightmare".

Alley near Tattoo Shop

Mel learns that Niko is engaged while heading off with her and Jada to stop the witch hunters in episode 1x14 "Touched by a Demon".


Signal Warehousing


Niko brings Mel and Jada to the meeting spot and they leave her frozen behind so they can capture the witch hunters themselves in episode 1x14 "Touched by a Demon".

Powell Street (between Alexander & Columbia)


Maggie and Mel discuss what they learned from Dr. Wagner and realize that Charity is involved in Macy's missing memories in episode 1x16 "Memento Mori".


Milano Espresso Lounge


Mel and Maggie tell Macy about Fiona and convince her not to tell Charity or Harry in episode 1x16 "Memento Mori".


La Mezcaleria

Hilltown Mezcal

Maggie and Parker are out on a date when Lucy interrupts them and gives Parker a poisoned smoothie while under Alistair's control in episode 1x16 "Memento Mori".

4660 104 Street

Viralis's Barn

Viralis interrogates Scarlet's friend about her whereabouts before killing her and then sends his other captives out to hunt her down in episode 1x17 "Surrender".


Northwest Marine Drive & Cecil Green Park Road

Street by Niko's Apartment

The young woman exits the forest and runs to a nearby building in episode 1x17 "Surrender".

Jericho Park


Galvin tells Macy about his adventure while they are out for a walk and she tells him she doesn't want to get rid of her demon side in episode 1x18 "The Replacement".


Macy runs from the demon infesting Galvin and is rescued when her sisters arrive with Tessa in episode 1x18 "The Replacement".

Walkway & Plaza (UBC)


Hunter poses as Maggie to convince Parker that she is terrified of his demon side in episode 1x19 "Source Material".

Power House (UBC)


Mel is tracking Tessa with the compass when she is surprised by Niko who offers her help when the trail goes cold in episode 1x19 "Source Material".


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Gardens of Le Tibre

Harry and Maggie track Charity to a remote garden and decide to help her cast a spell to hide her from her sister in episode 1x21 "Red Rain".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Hilltowne University Hospital

Galvin calls everyone to the hospital for help identifying the strange outbreak and while there Mel sees Niko being wheeled passed in episode 1x21 "Red Rain".

Abandoned Building

Harry, Mel, and Maggie investigate the facility where Parker was being held and Maggie uses her powers to read the history of the space in episode 1x21 "Red Rain".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Seattle Street

In an alternate timeline, Mel is working as a driver and unknowingly picks up Harry which helps trigger both of their memories of the true reality in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".

Frederic Wood Theatre (UBC)

Hilltown University Theater

Mel checks in on Galvin and learns that several people his sacrifice healed have died since he was resurrected in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".

MNP Tower

Alistair Craine Enterprises

Maggie visits Parker as he is picking things up from his father's company and talks to him about the stolen spell that might help Macy in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".


Friendship Gardens & Tipperary Park


The sisters leave flowers on Marisol's grave and discuss their plans going forward in episode 1x22 "The Source Awakens".