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120 W 14 St, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2N1, Canada
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Casa Del Caffé from Psych
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The Royal George Apartments from Who's Harry Crumb?
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Queen Mary Elementary School from The X-Files and 1 other movie.
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Wilcox Kessler & Dewey Law Firm

Law firm that Shawn and Gus follow Toby Shore from, then chase him while wearing silly costumes in episode 5x03 "Not Even Close… Encounters".

Source: Psych Forums

Santa Barbara General Hospital

Shawn stands outside the hospital concerned for father only to encounter Chelsea trolling for elderly hotties in episode 7x01 "Santabarbaratown 2".

Fairly Legal

West Federal Bank

Kate meets Justin outside the bank in episode 1x06 "Believers".

The InBetween


Cassie gets coffee with Melinda Weller and then has a vision of Sally in episode 1x07 "Let Me in Your Window".