The InBetween Filming Locations

A woman with a connection to the dead reluctantly uses her abilities to help her detective father solves crimes.

Part of the Set in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) Collection

The InBetween was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Aja Tan Studios

Council Bar

Cassie has a vision of a man in black without a face locking her in a coffin in episode 1x04 “Kiss Them for Me”. Cassie enters the bar to find a tree growing in the bar with a demon trying to escape in episode 1x05 “Another Broken Morning”. Cassie gets a visit from an old high school friend who hopes to get in contact with her dead fiancé in episode 1x06 “The Length of a River”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
Let Me in Your Window

Cassie meets a new bartender at work who gives her an ill-feeling.

While the Song Remains the Same

Cassie is leaving the bar at night when she has a vision of being stabbed to death by a hooded figure.

The Devil's Refugee

Cassie sees a vision of a young woman dancing on the porch who asks for help finding her.

Also appears in Pilot, “Made of Stone”, & “Where the Shadows Fall”.

Le Petit Café

Le Petit Café

Tom and Damien ask the cafe owner about the latest victims and she points them across the street to talk with Lyla James in episode 1x06 “The Length of a River”.

1216 Keith Road

De Forest House

Cassie and Damien visit the family of the woman whose ghost Cassie spoke to to learn about her disappearance in episode 1x04 “Kiss Them for Me”.