Movies Filmed at Coal Harbour Community Centre

1358 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E3, Canada
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West Hastings Street & Jervis Street from Dead Like Me and 1 other movie.
62 m

Harbourside Park II
102 m

Jervis Street & Melville Street from Caprica
132 m

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Swingset where Lacy and Keon talk in episode #107 "The Imperfections of Memory".


Railing where Lacy calls Barnabus in episode #111 "Retribution".

Harbour Parkade

Daniel is confronted by an angry widow while pulling out of this parkade in episode #111 "Retribution".

Downtown Caprica

Where Daniel and Amanda enlist Drew to help them in episode #118 "Apotheosis".

Cylon Statue

Statue of the Cylons seen in the "Shape of Things to Come" section at the end of episode #118 "Apotheosis".