Caprica Filming Locations

This prequel to Battlestar Galactica takes place 60 years earlier and follows the store of the Graystones and Adamas. Thanks to Visit Caprica for lots of location information.

Part of the Battlestar Galactica Collection

Caprica was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Vancouver Central Library

Gemenon Spaceport

Interior of the spaceport as seen in episode 1x14 “Blowback”.

Caprica City Building

Joseph and Daniel meet outside this building and decide to get coffee in pilot episode.

Caprica Street

Clarice steals an e-sheet outside the Vancouver library in episode 1x04 “Gravedancing”. Also where Joseph's conversation with the Guatrau and Agent Duram's conversation with GDD Director Singh occur in episode 1x14 “Blowback”.

Coal Harbour Community Centre


Swingset where Lacy and Keon talk in episode 1x07 “The Imperfections of Memory”.


Railing where Lacy calls Barnabus in episode 1x11 “Retribution”.

Harbour Parkade

Daniel is confronted by an angry widow while pulling out of this parkade in episode 1x11 “Retribution”.

Downtown Caprica

Where Daniel and Amanda enlist Drew to help them in episode 1x18 “Apotheosis”.

Cylon Statue

Statue of the Cylons seen in the "Shape of Things to Come" section in episode 1x18 “Apotheosis”.