“The Imperfections of Memory” Filming Locations

Series: Caprica Season 1, Episode 7
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Caprica episode "The Imperfections of Memory" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Downtown Plaza as Maglev Memorial

Makeshift Maglev memorial where Amanda goes a bit crazy.

West Hastings Street & Jervis Street as Curbside

Where Amanda and Clarice talk.

Jervis Street & Melville Street as Street Market

Street vendor where Amanda sees her spectral brother and begins to chase hime.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot as New Cap City

Streets where Joseph travels through New Cap City.

Whytecliff Park as V-World Beach

Beach where Zoe and Philomon talk in V-World.


Alley by Railroad as New Cap City Alley

Joseph walks down this alley beside the railway.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as New Cap City Loading Dock

Loading dock where Joseph is killed in New Cap City.

Coal Harbour Community Centre as Playground

Swingset where Lacy and Keon talk.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot as Caprica Alley

Alley next to produce store where Joseph goes into V-World.