Movies Filmed at Rocky Mountaineer Station

369 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada
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The Home Depot from Psych
175 m

887 Great Northern Way from Fringe
268 m

Terminal Avenue & Carolina Street from Imposters
375 m

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Bluelane Regional Express

Bus station where the team stops the finally bioterrorism attack in episode 4x13 "Death Is in the Air".


Train Station

The team searches the new train station for the cluster bombs in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Racing after Train

Diggle pulls the van alongside the train so Oliver can jump aboard in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Jumping off Train

Oliver and Diggle jump off the train and blow it up in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Human Target

San Francisco Monterey Line Terminal

Station where the high-speed train departs in pilot episode.