“Green Arrow” Filming Locations

Oliver and Felicity are forced to return to Star City to face off against a new menace.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 1
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Arrow episode "Green Arrow" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Evans Avenue (between Thornton & Begg) as Chasing Truck

Thea and Laurel chase after a truck that some criminals are hijacking.

Cornett Road & Skeena Street as Shootout at Truck

Thea, Laurel, and Diggle take cover as the goons with a machine gun shoot at them while emptying the truck.

Buller Studio as Coast City Rooftop

Oliver flails around trying to stop criminals in Coast City during a flashback.

Buller Studio as Star City Hall

Thea tries and fails to prevent the assassination of one of the government leaders.


National Avenue (between Station & Thornton) as Star City Sign

Oliver and Felicity pass the new city sign on their way into town in a limo.


1010 Derwent Way as Admiral Transport Interchange

The team heads to the factory where the bombs were last pinged and find Damien Darhk and his soldiers.

Rocky Mountaineer Station as Train Station

The team searches the new train station for the cluster bombs.

Rocky Mountaineer Station as Racing after Train

Diggle pulls the van alongside the train so Oliver can jump aboard.

Rocky Mountaineer Station as Jumping off Train

Oliver and Diggle jump off the train and blow it up.