Movies Filmed at Neath Abbey

4-5 Monastery Rd, Neath Abbey, Neath, Neath Port Talbot SA10 7DH, UK
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Doctor Who

The Monastery

The doppelgänger chamber where the Monastery crew creates their 'gangers' from the flesh in episode 6x05 "The Rebel Flesh". From episode 6x06 "The Almost People".

Control Room

The Doctor, Amy, and the Queen are led into this control room after they discover the truth in episode 5x02 "The Beast Below".

Church Crypt

Amy, Vincent, and the Doctor get chased by the beast into this crypt where Vincent eventually stabs it with his easel in episode 5x10 "Vincent and the Doctor".

UNIT Lab (interior)

Kate Stewart shows the Doctor what the various cubes are doing in episode 7x04 "The Power of Three".