Movies Filmed at Gillies Quarry

4101-4195 Quarry Road, Coquitlam, BC V3E, Canada
Nearby Locations
Former Eugen Homestead from First Blood
1.2 km

Stream by Old Quarry from First Blood
1.7 km

Widgeon Slough South Dock from Stargate SG-1
2.1 km

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The 100

Cliff Rescue

The group searching for the missing kids comes upon an ark crash site and rescues a girl stranded on a cliff face in episode #204 "Many Happy Returns".

Entrance to Mount Weather

Bellamy talks to Octavia outside the entrance to Mount Weather and two guards arrive with Echo in episode #303 "Ye Who Enter Here".

Stargate SG-1


Bra'tac and SG-1 assault the ship where Ba'al is holding Teal'c hostage in episode #914 "Stronghold".



Gamma Site

From episode #917 "The Scourge".