The 100 Filming Locations

The 100 was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Squamish, BC, & Britannia Beach, BC in Canada.

Twin Falls (Lynn Canyon Park)


Clark and Finn come upon a waterfall during their search for Jasper in episode #102 "Earth Skills".

Spur 7 Beach (LSCR)

Seaweed River

Clarke, Finn, and Wells collect some plants for Jasper's wounds in a river in episode #103 "Earth Kills".

First Aid on Beach

Lincoln works to heal Octavia's arrow wound on the shores of a river in episode #201 "The 48".

Dam Outflow

Clarke washes ashore and is saved by Anya after jumping off the dam in episode #203 "Reapercussions".

River Bend

Clarke fakes passing out and then attacks Roan while he is transporting her in episode #302 "Wanheda, Part 2".

Water Samples

Octavia is watching a group take water samples for Pike when a Grounder kid approaches in episode #306 "Bitter Harvest".

Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

Steep Hill

Octavia falls down a hill while running from a mysterious pursuer in episode #105 "Twilight's Last Gleaming".

Road to Tondc

Lexa leads a procession with Finn's body to the Grounder town of Tondc in episode #209 "Remember Me".

Failed Ambush

Emori joins Murphy and they attempt another ambush only for Murphy to be taken captive in episode #305 "Hakeldama".

Upper Coquitlam River Park

Radio in River

Bellamy throw the radio in the river and later a group returns to search for it in episode #105 "Twilight's Last Gleaming".

Reclaimed Gravel Pit (LSCR)

Supply Bunker

Clarke and Bellamy locate a supply bunker and find a bunch of guns in episode #108 "Day Trip".

Dropship Crash Site

The group investigates the crash site of the hijacked dropship in episode #110 "I Am Become Death".

Camp Jaha / Arkadia

The survivors from the ark set up camp in the remains of Alpha Station in episode #201 "The 48". The camp is renamed Arkadia and expanded in episode #301 "Wanheda".

Meeting Indra

Abigail goes to meet with Indra to try and negotiate a lighter sentence for Finn in episode #208 "Spacewalker".

Destroyed Tondc

Octavia leads people in a rescue attempt after the missile attack in episode #213 "Resurrection".

Final War Camp

Clarke and Lexa hold their final war meeting before the assault near the base of Mount Weather in episode #215 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1".

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

Negotiation with Grounders

Clarke goes to negotiate with the Grounder leader Anya in episode #109 "Unity Day".

Britannia Mine Museum

Reaper Tunnels

Lincoln leads Clarke and Finn through the mines back to their camp in episode #112 "We Are Grounders, Part 1". Clarke and Anya have to escape through these tunnels in episode #203 "Reapercussions". Octavia and Indra lead and assault through the tunnels in episode #215 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1".

Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area

Ark Landing

The Ark station containing Abigail Griffin and Marcus Kane lands on the edge of a lake in episode #113 "We Are Grounders, Part 2".

Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mount Weather Tunnels

Clarke is led on a tour of the Mount Weather facilities and later attempts to escape through them in episode #201 "The 48".

First Peak (Stawamus Chief Provincial Park)

Mount Weather Peak

Transmitters sit upon the peak of Mount Weather in episode #201 "The 48".

Lynn Canyon Park

Crucified Guard Patrol

After hearing screams, Marcus and his team come upon three guard members crucified on a large tree stump in episode #202 "Inclement Weather".

Gillies Quarry

Cliff Rescue

The group searching for the missing kids comes upon an ark crash site and rescues a girl stranded on a cliff face in episode #204 "Many Happy Returns".

Entrance to Mount Weather

Bellamy talks to Octavia outside the entrance to Mount Weather and two guards arrive with Echo in episode #303 "Ye Who Enter Here".

Middle Clearing (LSCR)

Outside B-Dock

A girl from Mount Weather wakes up in a meadow outside the facility and quickly succumbs to the radiation in episode #207 "Long Into an Abyss". Later Carl Emerson arrives back at Mount Weather in episode #212 "Rubicon".

War Camp

Clarke and Lexa prepare for the upcoming war with Mount Weather in episode #214 "Bodyguard of Lies".

Former Vancouver Zoo (Stanley Park)

National Zoo

Clarke and Lexa flee from a mutated gorilla into an old zoo in episode #210 "Survival of the Fittest".

Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement (LSCR)

Attempted Assassination

A Mountain Men sniper team attempts to kill Clarke in episode #211 "Coup de Grâce" but is stopped by Indra and Octavia.

Northern Clearing (LSCR)

Sniper Nest

Clarke, Lexa, and Lincoln locate the sniper from Mount Weather who is firing on Tondc in episode #213 "Resurrection".

Massacred Army

Clarke and Lexa are riding back to Arkadia when they come upon the murdered Grounder army in episode #305 "Hakeldama".

Sector 4 Grounder Village

Octavia rides to the Grounder village to warn them of the coming attack in episode #306 "Bitter Harvest"

Catalyst Paper Corporation

Mt. Weather Industrial Area

Bellamy finds out his stolen key card has been deactivated and is set upon by guards in episode #214 "Bodyguard of Lies".

Mt. Weather Acid Tank

Bellamy works to sabotage the acid defense system used by Mount Weather in episode #214 "Bodyguard of Lies".

Stave Falls Dam

Turbine Room

Raven and Wick plant bombs on the turbines in the Mount Weather dam in preparation for the assault in episode #215 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1".

Gibsons Mansion

Alie's Mansion (exterior)

Jaha follows a drone up a hillside and sees a massive pristine mansion in episode #216 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2".

The Vancouver Club

Alie's Mansion (interior)

Jaha enters the strange mansion and finds himself talking to a hologram in episode #216 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2". Murphy finds his way to the mansion after being trapped in the bunker and talks to Jaha in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".

Fancy Bunker

Murphy enters a fancy bunker after landing on the beach and finds a video from someone before the bombs in episode #216 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2". He finds himself trapped in the bunker for several months in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".

Watts Point Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Murphy finally gets out of the bunker and sees a drone on the beach in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".

The Makin Lands

Sector Four Tunnel

Bellamy and Monty meet with Kane and Indra so they can head out in search of Clarke in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".

Surrey City Hall

City of Light

Alie and Jaha talk in the City of Light in episode #302 "Wanheda, Part 2". Alie tells Jaha that Raven knows how to destroy her in episode #311 "Nevermore". Jaha and Alie use Monty's mother to slow Raven's attack in episode #314 "Red Sky at Morning".

Widgeon Slough North Dock


Emori docks her boat with Otan and leads Murphy, Jaha, and their companion into the wilderness in episode #302 "Wanheda, Part 2".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Tunnel under Polis

Echo leads the Sky People through the hidden tunnels underneath Polis in episode #303 "Ye Who Enter Here". Murphy and Pike saves Bellamy's group and they run the elevator up to the top of the tower in episode #315 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 1".

Aja Tan Studios


Marcus marvels at Polis when the crew arrives for the negotiations in episode #303 "Ye Who Enter Here". Lexa battles Roan in episode #304 "Watch the Thrones". Octavia talks Indra out of her funk in episode #307 "Thirteen". Roan escorts Clarke into town to draw Ontari out in episode #315 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 1".

Minaty Bay

Signal Fire

The gang follows Lincoln's map to the shore and find a group of stacked rocks where they light a signal fire in episode #313 "Join or Die". They wake back up on the beach after being kicked out by Luna in episode #314 "Red Sky at Morning".

Oceanic Plaza

City of Light Plaza

Clarke finds herself surrounded by enemies and is rescued by Lexa in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 2".

West Cordova Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

City of Light Ramp

Clarke wakes up in the City of Light after taking the chip in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 2".

Guinness Tower

City of Light Walkway

Clarke begins to feel sick in the City of Light and the people around her begin to notice her in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 2".

Seawall Stairs

City of Light Stairs

Lexa helps Clarke down some stairs but Clarke is forced to stop when problems occur in the real world in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 2".

Source: YVRShoots

Canada Place & Burrard Street

City of Light Bench

Clarke is wandering through the crowd and sees Jasper eating an ice cream cone in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 2".

Source: YVRShoots

Convention Centre Garage

City of Light Alley

Clarke and Lexa run into a dead end and are surrounded by their controlled friends in episode #316 "Perverse Instantiation: Part Two".