Movies Filmed at Twin Falls

Part of Lynn Canyon Park
Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3G3, Canada
Nearby Locations
Lynn Canyon Café from Stargate SG-1
305 m

30 Foot Pool from Arrow and 2 other movies.
727 m

Twin Bridges from The X-Files and 1 other movie.
999 m

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The 100


Clarke and Finn come upon a waterfall during their search for Jasper in episode 1x02 "Earth Skills".


Lian Yu Waterfall

Yao Fei drops Oliver's not-actually-dead body down into the water in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

The L Word

Spreading Dana's Ashes

The gang scatters Dana's ashes under the waterfall in episode 3x11 "Last Dance".

The Seventh Son

Seen setting up for filming near the Twin Falls section of Lynn Canon Park on June 2, 2012.