Movies Filmed at Three Harbour Green

227 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C1, Canada

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West Cordova Street & Thurlow Street from The Magicians and 3 other movies.
56 m

Convention Centre Garage from The 100
63 m

Seawall Stairs from The 100
70 m

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The Flash

Rathaway Industries

Hartley Rathaway attacks his father's office building in episode 1x11 “The Sound and the Fury”. Barry travels back in time and witnesses these events before replacing his past self in episode 2x17 “Flash Back”.

Upscale Building

The police investigate the death of a rich asshole who died by being shaken to death in an elevator in episode 4x02 “Mixed Signals”.


Outside Piron

Vasquez approaches Kellog and defeats his guards as he is leaving his offices in episode 4x03 “Power Hour”. Kellog talks to Vasquez outside the offices in episode 4x04 “Zero Hour”. Carlos arrests Kellog against Kiera's wishes in episode 4x05 “The Desperate Hours”.