“Mixed Signals” Filming Locations

Barry and Iris struggle to communicate after Barry's absence and a new meta goes on a killing spree using his powers to take over machines.

Series: The Flash Season 4, Episode 2
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The Flash episode "Mixed Signals" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Three Harbour Green as Upscale Building

The police investigate the death of a rich asshole who died by being shaken to death in an elevator.


National Avenue (between Station & Thornton) as Street

Tim Kwon is driving down the street when his car starts going haywire.


Thornton Street (between Malkin & National) as Street

Tim Kwon's car stops in front of Ramsey Deacon who then causes it to drive off at high speed.


National Avenue (between Station & Thornton) as Construction Site

Barry saves Tim Kwon by disassembling his car around him.

E-One Moli Energy as Factory

Barry and Wally go to stop Ramsey Deacon but he manages to take control of Barry's fancy new suit.