Movies Filmed at Northern Clearing

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Seymour Mainline, North Vancouver, BC V7K 3B2, Canada
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Seymour River Hatchery from The X-Files
516 m

Seymour Falls Dam from Underworld: Awakening
602 m

Spur 7 Beach from The 100 and 3 other movies.
1.4 km

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The 100

Sniper Nest

Clarke, Lexa, and Lincoln locate the sniper from Mount Weather who is firing on Tondc in episode 2x13 "Resurrection".

Massacred Army

Clarke and Lexa are riding back to Arkadia when they come upon the murdered Grounder army in episode 3x05 "Hakeldama".

Sector 4 Grounder Village

Octavia rides to the Grounder village to warn them of the coming attack in episode 3x06 "Bitter Harvest".