Movies Filmed at Spur 7 Beach

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, BC V7K 3B2, Canada

Located far up the Lower Seymour River is this gentle bend surrounded by rocky shores. Unlike most places along the river, the wide banks clear of trees make the location ideal for filming and the nearby access road makes it extremely accessible despite its apparent remoteness.

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Old Quarry from The X-Files
1.1 km

Northern Clearing from The 100
1.4 km

Seymour River Hatchery from The X-Files
1.4 km

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The 100

Seaweed River

Clarke, Finn, and Wells collect some plants for Jasper's wounds in a river in episode 1x03 "Earth Kills".

First Aid on Beach

Lincoln works to heal Octavia's arrow wound on the shores of a river in episode 2x01 "The 48".

Dam Outflow

Clarke washes ashore and is saved by Anya after jumping off the dam in episode 2x03 "Reapercussions".

River Bend

Clarke fakes passing out and then attacks Roan while he is transporting her in episode 3x02 "Wanheda: Part 2".

Water Samples

Octavia is watching a group take water samples for Pike when a Grounder kid approaches in episode 3x06 "Bitter Harvest".

Once Upon a Time

River Shore

Snow and Charming stop for water and she manages to escape in episode 1x03 "Snow Falls".

Ruby by River

Ruby wakes up beside a river and has her cloak stolen in episode 2x07 "Child of the Moon".

Stargate SG-1

River on P3X-984

Sam hides from the Kull warrior after it shoots down the UAV flying overhead in episode 7x16 "Death Knell".

Kheb River

From episode 3x20 "Maternal Instinct".